About Me-

 Welcome to my shop.

First, why KowHorseFarm?  KowHorse is the rearrangement of letters of my last name Howresko.  It was either KowHorse or WorkShoes. I have and have loved horses for over 40 years so KowHorse it is. In fact the three Arabian horses in my gallery are mine. I have a couple of quarter horses who will make it to the home page soon.

My name is Paula and the guy in the pic is my husband of 39 years, John.  We live on a hobby farm with  4 of my seven children. We have lived in Ohio for  almost 12 years now. Farming is new to us. My other job is at a hospital where I am  a Cytotechnologist.  I really just want to farm. 

I’m a recovering alcoholic. It took me a long time to forgive myself. With God’s help I finally have forgiven myself and can finally say I like myself, sober. My hope is to inspire the recovering person to find it ok to like themselves.  I am developing the I Like Me, SOBER line.  My dream is that it will help.

For those reading this in or out of recovery  the discount code Recovery2022  will get 20% off all recovery related products

My products are all themed from my passions: horses, goats, cats, farm life.  They are all high quality and all 100% guaranteed.  I love everyone of them from my dear Priscilla and butterfly  to the sweet bear my daughter painted.  I am positive that all will please from jewelry to mugs.  Enjoy!